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B.A.P's message to European BABYs

SONG: UnknownHyun&Zelo
ARTIST: UnknownB.A.P Attack;
ALBUM: Unknown
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Hyun&Zelo singing on B.A.P Attack ep1;


oh my god stop objectifying zelo it’s so fucking gross

he’s 17 years old stop saying that people shouldn’t respect that

stop saying you want him to turn 18 because the only reason that would even be on your mind is because you don’t want to fucking feel bad about objectifying him

stop forcing the personality you want him to have on him. stop telling people he isn’t an innocent child because YOU DON’T WANT HIM TO BE.

you know what just because he’s a teen boy doesn’t mean he automatically wants to be seen as a sexual object just STOP

especially since most of you all are fucking noonas it’s just shameful people zelo’s own age look at you people and are horrified and grossed out by you so openly objectifying a teenage boy

you all need to stop it’s so disgusting i’m gonna throw up

objectifying anyone, no matter how old, is gross.
there’s a big difference between objectifying someone and finding someone attractive though.

and there’s a difference between being delusional and rational. junhong is 17 years old and knows what sex is. these are facts. everything else, no one knows. being innocent = not knowing what sex is, being innocent = being a virgin. two different things. the first one clearly doesn’t apply to junhong. at least that’s what i mean when i say that he’s not innocent. as for the other thing, it’s really none of my business. i can only speak for me but i respect junhong as a person, i love his personality but i also love his looks. that is not objectifying. and even though i am 23 years old and “disgusting”, as you claim, i find nothing wrong with being attracted to him.

you say that people should stop forcing the personality they want him to have on him, yet you do that exact thing. from your textposts i can see that you completely deny the fact that he’s maturing and that you treat him like a child. like the thing with the “striptease”. he lifted his shirt, so what? he’s probably working out, is proud of his progress, wants to show off, whatever. your reaction to that says everything. you don’t want him to grow up but you can’t stop it. and insulting other fans won’t help.

calling older fans disgusting for liking him is extremely rude and basically says that you are super intolerant when it comes to age difference. i get what you wanted to say with that text post but all in all it was basically an insult to the majority of junhong’s fans, including those who actually treat him with respect and love him for everything he is.

Doesn’t he just look so cute?


first kiss ; predebut ;w;

B.A.P ATTACK ! - 정복일지 제1장 [SEOUL]

so junhong performed a song about fucking while doing hip thrusts if anyone ever calls him an innocent baby again i’m gonna

B.A.P Body& Soul 4.13.14. BAP LOE NYC  ( color version)
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